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Since 1984 the name Thomas Sabo has stood for versatile, innovative and trendsetting jewellery and watch designs of the highest quality; we are pleased to be stockists of Thomas Sabo in Durham.

The unmistakable Sterling Silver collection, Charm Club and exclusive Fine Jewellery collection give the brand a unique appeal across many ages and trends. With a dash of individuality in every piece, Thomas Sabo is able to give the wearer the feel of their personally-designed jewellery statement.

Within our range of Thomas Sabo in Durham we are delighted to be able to offer pendants, earrings, chains, rings, beads and bracelets, all of which can be harmonised and combined perfectly with one another. This allows the wearer to “layer” their look, giving rise to the emergence of unique jewellery statements.

Our aim is to offer every customer – be that man or woman – the ideal accessory for every outfit and occasion; the ability to reinvent appearance every day, from timeless classic to way-out rock ‘n’ roll style.

Sterling Silver collection

The Sterling Silver collection combines the ladies’ jewellery line Glam & Soul, the gentlemen’s line Rebel at heart and the new unisex line Karma Beads. All items of jewellery are made of high-quality 925 Sterling silver. The style of our Sterling Silver designs is unique and unmistakable. The themes are as varied as life itself and invariably cutting-edge. Twice a year – parallel to the schedule of the international fashion shows – we present our latest silver creations. The introduction of the Karma Beads opens up the possibility of many varied and individual combinations between the individual lines. Whether to create elegant or sporty outfits, for the office or for the special evening occasion – Thomas Sabo in Durham offers unique jewellery which lends every look and every style a certain something.

Charm Club collection

The Charm Club collection of 925 Sterling silver ,with its 500 enchanting and filigree motifs, provides an introduction to the multi-faceted Thomas Sabo jewellery. Since 2006 the charm creations have been launched twice a year and they arouse the collecting passion of fans throughout the world. You can choose from a wide range of different styles and motifs which will highlight your own look in an ideal fashion. Whether you are looking for suitable charms for the coming summer holiday, Christmas presents for loved ones or a sparkling gift for yourself – the Thomas Sabo Charm Club offers the perfect accessory for all occasions.

Watches collection

Since 2009 the Watches collection has been added to the Thomas Sabo product portfolio and it ideally reflects the brand’s DNA. Whether for a cocktail party, for an elegant dinner or as a favourite daily companion – the collection with its high-profile ladies’ and gentlemen’s watches provides the perfect timepiece for any occasion. Whether as a three-handed watch or as a chronograph, whether with a stainless steel or ceramic casing and bracelet, or with an elegant leather bracelet – high design standards and excellent quality of material and workmanship are the distinguishing features of these watches.

Fine Jewellery collection

Thomas Sabo in Durham also includes its Fine Jewellery collection. It is made in masterly fashion from the most precious metals such as 18k gold, rose gold or 925 Sterling silver plus sparkling diamonds and brightly coloured precious stones. On the one hand the collection offers creations inspired by Indian culture, such as the seven elegant Chakra pendants and opulent body jewellery. On the other iconic motifs from the Sterling Silver collection, such as the Skull, the Love Knot or the Wheel of Karma, are interpreted anew.

The Fine Jewellery collection stands out by virtue of its luxurious precious metals, exquisite designs and positive life energy.

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